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Endepium Technology, LLC

Endepium Technology, LLC is ready to help with introductory rates!


  • microscopes
  • 3D printers
  • lasers
  • spectrometers

We work on:

  • machine tools (wood and metal)
  • robotics
  • electronics
  • laboratory equipment


  • metrology equipment
  • broken/damaged wires and cables
  • all manner of electromechanical contrivances serviced!

Microscope Tune ups and Repairs

  • Located in Colorado Springs
  • Free pick up and return
  • Microscope tune up $17.95/scope (minimum 20). Includes minor parts like screws, bulbs, and switches!
  • Microscopes with jammed focus disassembled and repaired $75 each

Robotics Equipment Repair

  • Free pick up and return
  • Damaged VEX and other robotics parts refurbished
  • Motors, switches, and connectors can be repaired
  • Sometimes we can repair Arduinos

Gourd Drum Engineering

“I took the broken gourd in hand and the mind was cleared of all thought (as much as that is ever possible). I held it before me as I sat on a short concrete ledge in the garage workshop next to a barrel full of scrap wood of all kinds; cut ends, branches, salvaged wood; all sorts of stuff. I hazarded a glance at the barrel of wood. Clear the mind. Clear the mind. I turned the damaged gourd over gently in my hands. After about 15 seconds an image of what would eventually become the G├╝irophone flashed across my cerebellum. I looked again at the barrel of wood and immediately saw (perhaps for the second time) a short piece of willow that had been cut off the end of a longer piece used to make a walking stick at some time in the past. It was exactly the right length and diameter and fit perfectly into the broken space on the gourd rim. All we needed was another space cut into the other side to match the one created by accident during the initial failed cut.”

-Excerpt From Gourd Drum Engineering